Seven years have passed since Patrice last saw Adam Chambers. Once she does, her old feelings for him resurface. This time they are stronger than ever. With Christmas quickly approaching, Patrice analyzes her own life. Did she make the right decision seven years ago? Or was the man she once loved part of her destiny?

Upon learning of her best friend’s canceled wedding, Adrienne reluctantly pairs with the best man, Trace, to reunite the feuding bride and groom for Christmas. As they work together, Adrienne must keep from falling in love herself.

When an unexpected breakup leaves Leah single again, she makes an impulsive wish for true love. Deciding, later on, to give dating a break, her self-discovering journey is disrupted by the prospective men in her town.

A freak accident leaves impulsive fitness instructor Heather Shaw needing physical therapy. Introverted Allen Richards shows for the job, and despite the mistletoe bringing them together, unfinished business from the past threatens their Christmas

Works in progress?

Christmas Connection, Merry Days, The Wedding Report

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