No Time Writer Premium Mentorship

Get confidence, peace, relief, and author identity with No Time Writer Premium Mentorship services!

I help new and ambitious authors discover their unique writing system that works perfectly for them. NTW’s Premium Mentorship helps authors achieve author identity with stable writing routines, so they can confidently have more productive writing sessions in less time, reach their maximum potential, and finish their first drafts!

How does NTW Premium Mentorship work?

One-on-one video consultation.

Get accountability to help you stay on task.

Personalized feedback based on your desired word count and deadline.

A specific action plan to tackle your first draft no matter the length!

Support and encouragement from someone who understands.

Have at least 25,000 words added, or a finished first draft so you can move on to the next writing phase!

Who This Works For?

> Authors who are ACTION TAKERS!

> Authors who are ready to work and get the words in!

> Authors who love investing in themselves because they know their worth!

> Authors who want to accomplish their writer’s dreams and proudly type “THE END” to their first draft!

> Authors who want to publish their book sooner than later! 

Your Investment

Pricing depends on the package you choose, which we discuss during your free video consultation after we determine your candidacy. Read through each plan carefully and choose the best option that you think works best for you. If you’re a candidate and choose a package, one-third of the package deal upon agreement is required before the first official meeting as a nonrefundable deposit.

1 Month Package

-Up to 3 Zoom meetings for the month

-Feedback on writer schedule, writer average, and sprint sessions

-3 follow up emails for the month to regroup

3 Month Package

-Up to 10 Zoom meetings for the 3-month period

-Unlimited email support

-Feedback on writer schedule, writer average, and sprint sessions

-Unlimited follow-ups within the 3-month period to regroup

NTW Stories

“… Daria helped me see that I “get” to write—it’s exciting and refreshing, the way I used to approach it when I was younger…”

— Natasha

“… Get the guidance and help from someone who can show you the ropes. For authors and serious writers this gets you back on track to fulfill a deadline or get you into the writing groove again. This was my goal and DW did her job.”

— Jeanne


I’m not sure what kind of help I need? Fill out the form below and we’ll determine if you’re right fit. If not, I can recommend our other author services.

How do I decide between packages? We discuss this further in your free initial consultation once candidacy is determined.

Do you work with both fiction and nonfiction writers? I work with both since No Time Writer focuses specifically on time management skills for new and aspiring authors and not writing craft.

What if I’ve made progress with my first draft already? Can you still help if I’m stuck? Yes. Perhaps you’ve hit a bump in your schedule. I can help you get back on track and pivot to find a new one.

How will we communicate for the online sessions? Zoom for the virtual meetings and email in between. The package you choose determines how many meetings you get.

What if I have a question that’s not listed here? If you’re a candidate, we can discuss it during your free initial consultation. You can also include it in the form below!

Tell me why you’d like to work with me!

To see if you’re a good fit for NTW Premium’s Mentorship Program, make sure you’re thorough in your initial message! Consider these questions before you send a message.

What are your biggest challenges or frustrations with time management in your writing?

What is your fear of time management as an author?

What would your writer life look like when you’re thriving professionally and getting the words written?

In an ideal world, what would your writer’s life look like?

If you’re a candidate, I’ll send you a link to book your free video consultation! 🙂

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