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Embrace your true author identity and release the writer within by discovering your unique writing process with confidence, peace, relief, and save time doing it!

Go from 0 words to a finished first draft, so you can accomplish your author dreams, proudly type “the end” to your book and publish your hard earned work!

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My name is Daria White and I’ve been writing since 2003. I’ve been self publishing since 2013. I’m an author, podcast host of Writer in the Making, and a course creator. I also love classic Hollywood Movies (1930s-1960s), reading of course (even though I hated it as a kid lol), Pilates, and chocolate lol.

My podcast has over 300 episodes, sharing tips, encouragement, and resources for new and experienced writers on their publishing journey. Writer in the Making has listeners all over the world, including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many more! I’ve featured USA Today Best Selling Author Rachael Bloome and Kindlepreneur’s Dave Chesson!

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This course is about:

Helping new and ambitious authors save time by discovering their true author identity, unleashing the writer within, writing more using customization, so they can finish their first drafts, and share their books with the world!

Who This Works For?

> Authors who are ACTION TAKERS!

> Authors who are ready to work and get the words in!

> Authors who love investing in themselves because they know their worth!

> Authors who want to accomplish their writer’s dreams and proudly type “THE END” to their first draft!

> Authors who want to publish their book sooner than later!

> Authors who want a fulfilling career!

See what others have to say!

A No Time Writer story


“Juggling so many things at the same time with work and business that I can’t find time to write. By dividing it by “snackable” goals, it seemed easier and less overwhelming. I was actually able to finish 2 screenplays. One for a full-length movie and another for a short film. Daria’s workshop was so clear and practical!”

A No Time Writer story


“I would write in little spurts, but not with the routine and consistency that I wanted. I love this idea of customization! Each and every writer works differently, so this concept is encouraging. My schedule doesn’t have to look the same as someone else’s. Realizing that I don’t have to write all at once, and that I can use pockets of time throughout my day and week, definitely allayed any intimidation that I’ve felt. I can say that my mindset has shifted; instead of “having” to write (where it’s just one more item on a long checklist), Daria helped me see that I “get” to write—it’s exciting and refreshing, the way I used to approach it when I was younger. I will wholeheartedly recommend the No Time Writer to my writer friends.”

A No Time Writer story


“My main challenge is in finding time, making time, making writing a priority, rather than something that’s always put on the back burner. I took a lot away from the training, but if I had to choose one thing, it would be how possible time now feels that anything is possible. The training, the simplicity of it, the ‘course it can be achieved ‘ approach, has been life changing. I’ve gone from someone who didn’t see writing as something I could ever do, ever fit in, to someone who now feels that anything is possible. The training, the simplicity of it, the ‘course it can be achieved ‘ approach, has been life changing. I initially thought, 12 months, but after creating my planner, I now feel a first draft could be finished in 3 – 6 months. It absolutely feels possible now. And it’s the exact same amount of time; my perception of time has changed. Becoming a working writer. The feeling of how possible that is, just by changing how I perceive time, myself, my work; by making time to write important. It’s the best gift in the world.”

Quotes about No Time Writer


“I’ve made more progress in the last week than I have in the previous several months and it’s feeling good to finally get words down on paper. Finding time pockets has helped a lot…”


“I like the idea of writing in thirty minute chunks. It sounds doable but not so short that it’s anxiety inducing and not so long that it feels overwhelming…”

More No Time Writer Training Feedback

“I am a writer that was consistently losing my word count. I struggled to write regularly. This course sounded like it could get me back on track. I learned how-to calculate my desired daily word count and to find pockets of time to write within. I also learned how to make a weekly schedule of both my job and my passion, and I set some reasonable goals. I am wrapping up my novel (which is a serial book on Kindle Vella) and I’ve managed to outline two others. I also post a monthly blog and I’m getting this done. I know this “book writing” dream can be achieved with tenacity and persistence. NTW helped me get my focus and helped me find my pace and desired progress goals. I am now meeting my personal writing goals and keeping up with my monthly blogs, as well. Prep the week. Jot down as much as possible your weekly schedule on a Sunday for the upcoming week. Find the pockets of time within that schedule to write around non-writing work during Mon thru Friday. I work 40 hours, 9-5. Writing is my passion but its not my job. I found my ‘passion time’ to write. Some people like to write in longer blocks, but this too is possible. Attempt to reschedule your non-writing work to allow for a) either longer pockets to write within or b) set up a two day window where during that two days, you write like hell. Also important, keep your days off as days off. Everyone needs days off to regenerate and replenish the creative juices.”

NTW Training Attendee
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Let’s make your writer dreams a reality.


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I present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my course for illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual users and clients. I do not intend them to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.   

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