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Write more, save time, and take back control of your writer life!

No Time Writer helps writers and authors customize their hectic schedules that will turbo-charge their writing sessions… feel less overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed over their unfinished drafts!

#1 thing separating efficient writers from others is their ability to maximize their time.

… But you know this already. And let’s face it. There’s no way to create more time, but we can take advantage of what we have. Period.

Yet there’s not a lot said on writer time management that I’ve found. It’s there, I’ve seen it—but most material out there caters to writing craft. Nothing wrong with it (some may need help in that too), but most of us, unless you’re SUPER new, we know how to write. But what about the writers who feel scrambled who can’t apply what they’ve learned about characters and plot?

So I thought wouldn’t it be awesome if I could show authors how to cater their time so they could easily finish their desired word counts and first drafts.

That gave me the idea for No Time Writer, an easy-to-use system that eases some of the added stress of deadlines. Some of us are fans of deadlines, but for a lot of us, it’s daunting. We as writers and authors should be free to create our books, fiction or nonfiction, versus MAKING IT HAPPEN. Yes, it’s hard work to write a book. That’s a given. I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy the writing process minus the overflowing stress and anxiety. Again, some pressure is good, but not to where you want to quit and chunk your manuscript out the window!

How does this relate to you?

1) Let’s face it. It’s hard to find the extra time—with outside jobs, kids, and life, what writer doesn’t feel disorganized to keep up?

2) Yes, the internet has made it easy to find tips and tricks on writer time management, but how many writers actually stick to what they’ve learned?

3) There’re only 24 hours in a day, but without a plan in place, the book sits on the computer or stuffed in your drawer if you’re writing by hand. You have blank or unfinished pages, and you defer another dream of being a published author for “maybe another time.” Even if you’ve published before, perhaps the one you’re working on now has got you scurrying. Something changed in your life and you need another plan.

For these 3 reasons, finding time pockets with No Time Writer is an important investment you can make.

I’m going to tell you how you can customize your schedule, discover your time pockets, and be that much closer to finishing your first draft! One step closer to a published book!

Let’s address the concerns you may be thinking now. Okay?

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“I don’t understand how customizing my schedule will work for me.”

No Time Writer is so simple to apply that within minutes, you’ll know your time pockets to write TODAY. Not only will No Time Write work for you, but you will increase your creativity because your mindset has shifted. Instead of “I have to write,” it’s, “I get to write!” Your time is now catered!

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“I don’t understand how the No Time Writer course will be an improvement over simply making the time. It’s the same thing, right?

If you’re asking that question, I wonder, do you even believe this.? Again, you’re here so there has to be a difference, right? You wouldn’t be here, I think, if you weren’t looking for another way.

Most writers, not all (I won’t generalize), don’t know how to apply time management techniques. They’re simply told, “just write,” or “Write 2-3+ hours a day” but every writer is different, right? That’s what makes a book unique, the writer.

If 2-3+ hours a day works for you great, you can leave this page right now, but there’s not a one size fits all formula to writing a book. This mindset unfortunately adds unnecessary pressure, which leads to overwhelm, stress and writer’s anxiety.

The result? An unfinished draft!

So No Time Writer shows writers and authors how customization takes off this added pressure—making it incredibly simpler to create.

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“This probably won’t work for me, because I’m not a skilled writer, anyway.”

I designed No Time Writer to work for every writer and author, no matter your level. It works for writers who are fiction or nonfiction. Whether you have 0 words, 25K words, or just struggling to finish your manuscript. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a standalone novel, a self-help book, or a fictional book series. If you want to take action today, No Time Writer can work for you!

The question is, do you believe it?

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“I’m not sticking to a schedule. Usually I struggle to focus now with so many distractions around me.

No Time Writer couldn’t be simpler to apply. You’re guided on exactly how to discover your writing average if you don’t know it already. I’m telling you, once you know your average, it takes even more pressure off of you. Why? You have your customized schedule, a desired word count, and a tentative deadline. Wouldn’t it be great to know what to write each time you sit down to write without having to write every day for 3-4 hours?

You’ll find that unlike other resources on time management for writers that usually, not always, tell what you should write every day. But in No Time Writer you can uncover your personal writer average.

Let’s take a pause for a moment…

Imagine what it would be like to finish your first draft, revise, edit, and publish it!

  • You’d be able to move on to your next writing project!
  • You’d have more readers expecting your next launch since now they trust you to come through.
  • You’d be less stressed about writing and be able to enjoy the creative process.
  • You’d feel empowered as a writer, no longer comparing yourself to your competitors.

… Sounds too good to be true, right?

But it’s not.

I’ve done it, and I teach writers to do the same!

And I can’t wait to share with YOU how to do it too!

Wait, a minute? Have we met yet? LOL 🙂

So… in case you don’t know me or aren’t on my mailing list for writers. My name is Daria White and I’ve been writing since 2003. I’ve been self publishing since 2013.

I’m an author, podcast host of Writer in the Making, and a course creator. I also love classic Hollywood Movies (1930s-1960s), reading of course (even though I hated it as a kid lol), Pilates, and chocolate lol.

My podcast has over 300 episodes, sharing tips, encouragement, and resources for new and experienced writers on their publishing journey. Writer in the Making has listeners all over the world, including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many more!

I’ve been a guest on Pick the Pen’s podcast by Sadie Chelsea and The Write Track by Valencia Stokes. My most popular online course “Create 3D Characters” has been featured in InfoStack (known for creating bundle resources from finances, podcasting, writing, etc.). In Writer’s Craft 3.0 my course was alongside Rebecca Hamilton (NYT Bestselling Author), Mark Boutros (International Emmy nominated screenwriter), Rachael Herron (NYT Bestselling Author), and a snippet of my 3D course was in Daniel David Wallace’s Style and Voice Writers Summit, where over 2,700 authors attended my talk! They even asked for more, so I’m glad they liked it LOL.

I’m a pro-critiquer on offering high-level critiques, in-line comments, and beta reading with 5 star ratings! I only open this service up a few times a year because of my writing schedule, but it’s something I enjoy. I even hosted 2 webinars with critique match and have been a judge with their writer contests!

So without further ado…

Welcome to…

This course is about:

1) Helping you cater your time to write, eliminating the guesswork, and uncovering your time pockets.

2) Increasing your word count 2X, 3X or more so you can finally finish your first draft. That’s better than where you are today!

3) Seeing real results with your writing… without spending a lot of time trying to figure out how and when, which only prolongs your progress.

Here’s how it works:


Create and follow a schedule that fits your life!

Discover & Apply

Practical exercises to put what you learn into action!


Add 2X, 3X, and even 4X more words to your first draft!

A No Time Writer story


“Juggling so many things at the same time with work and business that I can’t find time to write. By dividing it by “snackable” goals, it seemed easier and less overwhelming. I was actually able to finish 2 screenplays. One for a full-length movie and another for a short film. Daria’s workshop was so clear and practical!”

Want a sneak peek at your path to a finished draft? 


Let’s map it out! No more scrambling.

Know what to write each time with fun exercises to help you uncover your average. No more guesswork!

We all need encouragement now and then. Get tips and tricks to push through.

Details about a simple outline for both fiction and nonfiction writers—that make it less complicated. Clear and practical.

Time to crunch numbers without the stress! This basic math formula will make your writing goal less overwhelming.

$750 Course Value

Be supported every step of the way with student-features like…

Private Student Community

Access to the exclusive No Time Writers Facebook Community!

Inside the NTW Facebook group, you’ll connect with other writers, get encouragement, and stay accountable. 

*You’ll have lifetime access to the NTW community as long as you remain a student. 

$200 Value

Mentorship (Instructor Access)

Got questions along the way? Message me in the course or email. Happy to help!

$500 Value

Love bonuses? Me too! 🙂

Get access to $600 worth in course bonuses to make finishing your first draft and publishing your book easier than ever!

What’s included:

The N.T.W. Course Workbook

Use the step-by-step guide throughout the entire course!

Alleviate your writer’s anxiety with tips on focus and handling distractions.

Apply practical exercises to discover your writer average. No more guessing!

Learn and use the one of a kind No Time Writer Formula!

$100 Value

Access No Time Writer Bonus videos and course updates!

What happens when you finish your first draft? Now what?

I’ll be offering in the future bonus materials on revising, editing, and even how to find affordable editing services and Pro-Critiquers, so you’re that much more confident before you self publish or query! Since most of my clients are fictional, these bonuses will reflect that, but I’ll include resources for nonfiction too! You get the best of both worlds inside No Time Writer.

$500 Value

A No Time Writer story to show you what’s possible


“For me, it was consistency. My schedule as an educator can be exhausting, leading me to feel drained and tired. I would write in little spurts, but not with the routine and consistency that I wanted. I love this idea of customization! Each and every writer works differently, so this concept is encouraging. My schedule doesn’t have to look the same as someone else’s. Realizing that I don’t have to write all at once, and that I can use pockets of time throughout my day and week, definitely allayed any intimidation that I’ve felt. I can say that my mindset has shifted; instead of “having” to write (where it’s just one more item on a long checklist), Daria helped me see that I “get” to write—it’s exciting and refreshing, the way I used to approach it when I was younger. I will wholeheartedly recommend the No Time Writer to my writer friends.”

Another No Time Writer story


“My biggest struggle with writing and fitting it into my schedule was consistency and drive/motivation. Sometimes I really wanted to write but did not have time and when I did have time I didn’t feel like writing. I was able to figure out a writing routine based on formulas of word count and deadlines. I was also able to get through a writing slump because the NTW program made this a game to collect coins once I accomplished each task. I loved that. I’m very much a pleasure hound and collecting my coins drove me to complete sprints and word count measures. I hadn’t written in weeks before this. I knew a lot of this information such as 25/50/25 and how to Plot and how to sprint, but the challenge of progress and getting re-motivated to write more often and set myself up for success was more subtle and in the gray zone. The NTW course does offer the clarity I needed to get back on track. My recommendation for future student of NTW is Daria walks you through this in small stages and really lays it out as to how to track and gather information on your writing projects. This could be used for a day, a weekly, monthly, yearly or any time frame sort of project and if you dont have yours planned out, how do you complete it. Take the course and get the guidance and help from someone who can show you the ropes. For authors and serious writers this gets you back on track to fulfill a deadline or get you into the writing groove again. This was my goal and DW did her job. Thanks.”

Choose your payment option

One-time payment (Best value)



Payment plan (monthly payments)

4 X $159

4 X $89

And in case you’re wondering how No Time Writer differs from other programs out there…

How did this come to be? Well… to create No Time Writer, I spent months researching countless articles on time management for writers. Strategizing, based on survey answers. I asked myself, “how can I tailor make this for you as writers (fiction or nonfiction)?”

Obviously, time management is still a PROBLEM for writers!

To share my story, it took me years of practice to discover my personal writing average. I spent hours at my laptop either staring at a blank page or worse—putting my book off thinking, “it’ll never get done, anyway.”

My results after researching on this topic?

No Time Writer makes it easy to create your schedule around your life in MINUTES.

But that’s not all… with No Time Writer, you can put the formula to work for you IMMEDIATELY. (I think you’ll be mind blown at the breakdown)!

It’s the absolute fastest way to super-charge your writing sessions WITHOUT having to write every day.


Unlike some programs…

I’m NOT going to tell you to write every day.

I’m NOT going to tell you how many words to write.

I’m NOT going to tell you when to write.

What am I going to do?

Take you step-by-step through No Time Writer so you can tailor make it to fit your writer life. This is about what works best for YOU!

Your full purchase price is protected.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I offer a full, 30-day money-back guarantee on the Full $299 price package. Try the No Time Writer Course for a full 30 days. If during that 30-day period you aren’t happy, just email and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT be the person who buys, downloads everything, and then asks for a refund just to use it for free. Just… don’t. It’s shady and not right. I’d rather you leave the page now and find something else.

But if this is genuinely not a right fit for you, I get it. I’ve taken plenty of courses, trainings, and tried a LOT of programs that didn’t fit me. I want this to help you, so if it doesn’t, no hard feelings.

While there is a payment plan (4 monthly payments of $89), the 30 day money-back guarantee doesn’t apply.

Access to the No Time Writers Facebook Community ($200 Value)

Bonuses and Course updates ($500 Value)

No Time Writer Course ($750 Value)

Mentorship ($500 Value)

The N.T.W. Course Workbook ($100 Value)

Total Value $2,050

Choose your payment option

One time payment (Best value)



Payment plan (monthly payments)

4 X $159

4 X $89

Who this works for

See if No Time Writer is a perfect match for you…

This works for writers needing help to find the time to finish their first drafts.

This works for writers who know how to write but struggle with “THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH TIME.”

This works for writers who feel pressured to “MAKE IT HAPPEN” versus feeling excited about creating.

This works for writers who feel overwhelmed to finish and wind up doing nothing at all.

Is this you?


Who is best fit for the No Time Writer course? Writers and authors struggling with time management and focus. This course isn’t related to writing craft, but how to maximize the time writers already have and perhaps don’t realize it. We’ll even tackle how to handle distractions and writers’ anxiety.

How much time will it take for me to implement and see results? I’ve seen results in the first week! When I taught this concept, writers wrote 800 words on the same day! Apply the principles and see your productivity and word count increase!

I want to pay full price via Paypal. Is there an option for this? After further inquiry, it turns out PayPal is not compatible with my host platform. However, I’m more than happy to invoice you the $299 price from my PayPal account. Once payment is received, I’ll add you to the course and send you the link to login. Email with “I want to pay via PayPal” to and I’ll send you the $299 invoice. This is not an option with the payment plan.

Why No Time Writer with so many other related courses out there? I think this is the same with your book. You may write another sci-fi, fantasy, self help, or romance. Why write yours when so many others have done it? It’s simple. YOU are what makes your book unique. So No Time Writer is unique because you’re getting a different perspective. Sometimes that’s all we need to have our “lightbulb” moment! 

Am I really guaranteed to finish my first draft? That’s up to you. This is your book. No Time Writer will present you the info, exercises, and encouragement from me, along with your peers! The rest is up to you to apply it. I hope the course empowers you. We’re cheering you on! 

Can’t I just do this on my own? You can, but how has that been working for you? I think one reason you’re here reading this is because you’re curious. Maybe you’ve done all you can do and need help. No shame in that. We all know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing, expecting a different result. No Time Writer has done the research for you. Your job? Apply the practical steps inside the course. No? You’re more than welcome to pass up this offer. No hard feelings, and I hope the best for you and your writing journey. 🙂 

What happens when I finish the course? You’ll remain a student with access to course updates and bonuses as they’re added. No extra charge. As long as you remain a student, you have access!

Quotes about No Time Writer


“I’ve made more progress in the last week than I have in the previous several months and it’s feeling good to finally get words down on paper. Finding time pockets has helped a lot…”


“I like the idea of writing in thirty minute chunks. It sounds doable but not so short that it’s anxiety inducing and not so long that it feels overwhelming…”

In closing…

Everyone who buys something does it because they believe they’re getting something of value. At least that’s the expectation, right? You can’t actually know for sure until you buy it, use it, and see the results.

But my question for you is this—would you pay $299 to get the results I’ve talked about? If the answer is yes, you need to get started now! If No Time Writer doesn’t meet your expectations, again, just let me know—and I’ll give you your $299 back (if it’s within the first 30 days).

So you have two choices. Your first option is to do nothing. Meaning everything will remain the same, including your unfinished draft.

Your second option? To give No Time Writer a try. Compared to the value you’ll get (over $2,000 worth), $299 is a very reasonable investment in your career to change the trajectory of your writer’s future. Just check it out and see what it can do for you.

Again, if you don’t like it for any reason in the first 30 days, I’ll give you every penny back of your $299 investment. There’s no risk and you have everything to gain! (Just don’t wait to day 31 to ask for a refund lol). I’ve missed a deadline before like this, and there was nothing I could do since it was their policy. I don’t want to do that to you, so make sure it’s within the first 30 days.

Happy writing!


Access to the No Time Writers Facebook Community ($200 Value)

Bonuses and Course updates ($500 Value)

No Time Writer Course ($750 Value)

Mentorship ($500 Value)

The N.T.W. Course Workbook ($100 Value)

Total Value $2,050

Choose your payment option

One time payment (Best value)



Payment plan (monthly payments)

4 X $159

4 X $89

Let’s make your writer dreams a reality.


Any results or examples shown through our website are only estimates of what might be possible now or in the future. There can be no assurance as to any particular outcome based on the use of No Time Writer. You agree that I am not responsible for your word count results, the success or failure of your manuscript, or any other result of any kind that you may have because of information presented to you through our website. You are solely responsible for your results.   


I present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my course for illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual users and clients. I do not intend them to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.   

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