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Welcome to WIM Plus 2.0!

Here we create courses that cater to writer time management, writing craft, and self editing tools so you’ll have a decent first draft to send to your editor!

First up, our premium course, No Time Writer

This course seeks to:

Helps new and ambitious authors discover their unique writing system that works perfectly for them. Achieve author confidence, peace, and relief with stable writing routines, and embrace your true author identity with productive writing sessions in less time! Maximize your full potential and finish your first draft!

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Manuscript Critique


I’m officially a pro-critiquer on Need help with your manuscript? Sign up for a free account and hire me to work on your book. You can even check out my samples to see how I work!


After signing up click on “Hire Professionals” and from there click “Search Pro-Critiquers.” I promise I’m on the list, unless I’m on a break lol. Check out my ratings, samples, pricing, and my specialties to see if we’re a right fit. If not, I wish you the best with your book!

What are my services?

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High-level critique (similar to developmental editing)

I help with the overall idea of your story! POV, pacing, dialogue, etc.

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In-Line Comments

I include constructive notes in your document.

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Strictly my opinion as a reader!

Think we can work together?

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