Attention: Aspiring Writers & Authors!

In case you didn’t know, I help writers and authors like you struggling to find the time to write!

Do these sound familiar?

I’ll finish my book when I have more time.”

I have to put my book on hold.”

There’s never enough time to write.”

I’m too easily distracted to finish.”

I’m so overwhelmed with my word count I wind up not writing at all.”

Maybe writing is just a bad idea.”

I thought I’d be finished with my book by now.”

When will the madness end?

I say let’s stop it today!

There’s never been a better way to finish your first draft than by:

📆 Customizing your schedule (discover what works best for your life)

📝 Uncovering your writer average (no more guesswork)

😳 Decreasing writer overwhelm (no more scrambling)

⬆️ And increasing your word count!

My students are mindblown once they use my N.T.W. Formula, and write more in a week than they have in months!

That’s what I love!

Helping my students increase their productivity and capitalize on their unique writing process.

It’s not a one size fits all approach. It focuses on finding YOUR unique writing style and maximizing the time you may not realize you have.

If you’re ready to make 2022 your best writing year ever then I have something super special for you.

I’ve put together an online tool that shows you exactly what I do to customize my schedule. Go from “I should be writing” to “yes, I get to write!” And better… get a finished first draft in less time!

Click the link here or the image below to get access!

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