I Don’t Have Time to Write

How many writers struggle with this problem? Can’t we just add two more hours to the clock? Three? I wish.

Let’s face it. Finding time to write can be difficult. With jobs, kids, and life happening, it’s tough. How long have you been writing your first draft?

Has it been over a year? Three years? Over 10 years?

What do we do as writers and authors with dreams of publishing? We hear about “making the time.” It sounds easy, but so many writers still feel stressed out! What’s worse? The writer insecurities kick in and they think, “I’m a terrible writer.”

This stops today!

How can you take back control of your writer schedule? Two words. Customize it!


Get a weekly plan sheet. Start with the time you wake up and end it when you’re ready to sleep. For example 6am to 10pm. Write (or use the calendar on your phone) everything you do.

This includes work, exercise, family time, hobbies, etc. Now see what’s open or what I call your “time pockets.” Do you have 15 mins one day to write? Does it show 45 mins somewhere else? 30 mins on the weekends?

How many time pockets do you see? Three? Five? More? Perhaps we have more time than we realize. Sometimes we need to see it so write it down.

There you have it! Your customized schedule is staring you in the face! Now you “get to write” versus feeling pressured with, “I should be writing.”

Go for it! Write! Your readers are waiting for you!

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