Sound familiar writers?

We have video podcasts now! Yay! Watch on Spotify but I included them here too!

For today’s episode? I’ve been in your shoes. Feeling strapped for time wondering will I finish my novel. Sound familiar? How about we change it up? This is 100% fixable writers and I’m going to show you how! My new online course, No Time Writer, is available for preorder! Benefits include: a customized schedule, your writer average discovered, writer overwhelm eased, and the No Time Writer formula to use again and again with each writing project!

Stop the guesswork and feel empowered when you sit to your laptop! You’ll love this time writing format. FYI, I am increasing the $189 pilot price for the No Time Writer Course to $299 after May 21st, so the time to enroll. The course officially launches May 18th!

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