Gathering Writer Data

Calling fellow writers! As you might (or might not?) know  … I’ve been working behind the scenes on prepping something new and exciting. 

I have heard from so many of you who want to finish your word count.

There is a ton in the market right now about starting and finishing your book. Topics like story structure, writing dialogue, crafting characters, and how to plot. Yet, I don’t regularly see anything that deeply addresses one major struggle that—most writers never face when starting a writing project for people like you and I who… 

  • Want to know the #1 skill that separates great writers from their peers –not sitting for hours at the laptop when there’s food to cook for the family. 
  • Want to write your first few pages–get your thoughts out of your head.
  • A basic formula that propels your writing, recommending your word count per session. Once you write it, that’s it for the day! No more guessing! 

I’m thinking about doing a paid course where I will teach you how I’ve made the No Time Writer Formula work for me.

It would include things like: 

  • Why it’s tough to write a book… and what you can do about it. Go from “I can’t” to “why not me?” 
  • How customizing your scheduling works (you’ll be amazed at how simple it is and how much time you really have!)
  • How the No Time Writer Formula (N.T.W.) Course shows practical tools to get your thoughts on paper TODAY!

This will be a brand-new offer and so I’m flexible on things we could add that would be super beneficial to you. 

The course is for people who aspire to write and either don’t know where to start, feel stuck, or who’s book has been left unfinished for 5+ years. 

It’s for the folks who have read all the tutorials and “tips + tricks” on how to manage time, but who feel their dream of writing a book is stalled. What if you always knew how many words to write per session? Whether your goal is 15K or 100K+. 

If you’re sitting there saying “THAT’S ME!!” Fill out the short survey linked here!

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