What you’ll find inside Writers Craft 3.0!

Writer’s Craft 3.0 is a hand-curated collection of premium writing resources created by writers FOR writers. 

Inside, you’ll find 80+ top-rated writing resources.

In one click, you get lifetime access to top-rated writing products like:

  • The Bestselling Blurb Formula by Rebecca Hamilton
  • How To Write A Book In 30 Days by Frances Vidakovic
  • Book Series for Authors by Ray Brehm
  • Five Keys to Successfully Completing Your Writing Project by Julie Christiansen
  • Write & Publish a Book on the Side by Hassan Osman
  • How To Write Awesome Dialogue! For Fiction, Film, and Theatre with Bonus Material! by Tom Leveen
  • Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction by J. Thorn
  • Conquer Writer’s Block by Bryan Collins
  • Writing Great Chapters by Daniel David Wallace

Genre specific resources like:

  • The 6 Foundational Elements of Romance Fiction by Jessica Snyder
  • Writing Historical Fiction by Teresa Funke
  • Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Daniel Schwabauer
  • A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook by Richie Billing
  • How To Write Your True Life Story by Samantha Houghton

Plus, you’ll get a ton of exclusive bonuses like:

  • Plottr (plotting software) 
  • Bublish (1 year access)
  • NovelFactory (1 year access)
  • TipPub Creator (1 year access)

And so much more. See the full line up here! Last day to get it at $49! Increases to $67 TOMORROW!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner who wants a proven strategy to follow…

Or you’re a pro who just wants an unbeatable deal on top software, apps, and services (see: NovelFactory, Bublish, Plotter, Online eCover Creator, and much more)…

Writer’s Craft 3.0 can help you launch the writing life of your dreams.

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