Cyber Monday sale! Grab over $3.7k of savings…

Cyber Monday is here!

It’s that day of the year to save big on the best resources online… and this year is no exception.

And Cyber Monday isn’t only about discounts for big-ticket items like appliances and Tickle-Me Elmos… it’s for writers, too! In fact, while searching for the absolute best Cyber Monday deal for writers…

…I think I found it…
At a whopping 99% discount!

This means there’s NO bigger Cyber Monday deal for writers than Writer’s Craft 3.0.

Inside Writer’s Craft 3.0, you’ll find a collection of tools and resources curated for writers by writers with 60+ premium products created by today’s leading writing, editing, and story-crafting experts.

Its total retail value is an eye-watering $6,100+ — but you can have all of it for just $49.

There’s just one catch:

This deal ends tomorrow.

That means at 11.59pm EST on Tuesday the 30th, Writer’s Craft 3.0 vanishes.

(Along with your chance to get $6,100+ worth of premium writing products for only $49).

So, if you want exclusive access to…

☑️ advanced writing platforms stuffed with tools to make your writing and editing easier and faster, plus keep your characters, story arc, and world organized so you can publish your book like a pro…(or, release your serial and start earning money right away!)

☑️ genre-specific writing techniques for romance, mystery, fantasy, and non-fiction, to series writing, to children’s books, to screenplays and memoirs…

☑️ lifetime access to 9 bestsellers and chart-toppers, 22 top-rated, comprehensive ecourses and masterclasses, and so much more…

With just one click, unlock a host of first-class writing and story creation resources and tools ready to guide you every step of the way, from idea to published.

So don’t delay.

Get your hands on the biggest Cyber Monday deal for writers, today! 

Until next time, stay safe. God Bless!

P.S. Interested in Writer’s Craft 3.0, but still aren’t 100% sure? I recommend picking up the Stack today, and here’s why:

A) I personally endorse Infostack bundles because they’re always filled with great value, first-class products, and feature world-class contributors. There really is no other way to get so many writing-specific resources, tools, training, and resources for so little. They’ve done the hard work researching and vetting the best products so you can be sure you’ll get a spectacular deal.

B) Your purchase is backed by Infostack’s ironclad 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can explore everything and take your time deciding if it’s right for you… but if you wait, you miss out completely (no exceptions).

Grab THE ultimate Cyber Monday deal for writers before it’s gone.

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