My #1 Black Friday deal for writers (don’t miss this!)

It’s BLACK FRIDAY! And you know what that means:

Deals, deals, deals…

This year I’m making sure no writer is left behind. Over the last few days, I scoured the internet for the best Black Friday deals for writers.

After meticulously pouring over every tool, training, and resource that’s on sale today…

I can wholeheartedly recommend:
Writer’s Craft 3.0 Writer’s Craft 3.0 is THE Black Friday deal of the year for writers, authors, and self-publishers. Inside, you’ll find a powerful collection of 60+ industry-leading writing tools and resources from bestselling authors, editors, and publishers. Valued at more than $6,100+ this Black Friday deal gets you 60+ writing products (writing and plotting software, online organizers, ebooks, ecourses, masterclasses, workbooks, planners, character guides, genre-specific writing techniques for romance, mystery, and fantasy and so much more) for just $49

Personally, I think Writer’s Craft 3.0 is the best thing to happen to writers since the electric typewriter…okay, at least since self-publishing went mainstream thanks to KDP…

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to improve your writing, no matter what stage of the journey you’re at. Seriously, the lineup is STACKED. In fact, I can’t stop looking at all the great resources included in this stack made especially for people who love to write (and want to succeed at it)…

That’s why I decided to highlight my Top 3 MUST-HAVES from the #1 Black Friday deal of the year for writers:
#1 Must-Have: The Write Now Bundle ($430 Value)
Created by the New York Times bestselling author of the Runelords Series and writing mentor to superstars Brandon Sanderson and Stephanie Meyers, David Farland shares his expertise on absolutely everything a writer needs to know to brainstorm, outline and write a bestselling book, plus you’ll get a bonus course on how to write exceptional dialogue, beautiful descriptions, and bring your story to life. This ecourse is a $430 value all by itself – yours FREE in this amazing Black Friday deal for just $49. 😲 (this product alone is worth almost the 10x price of admission!)

Click here to pick up The Write Now Bundle and 60+ more premium writer resources.

#2 Must-Have: LIVE MASTERCLASS: Craft Characters Readers Never Forget! ($49 Value)

From the founder of StoryBold, writing coach Julie Tyler’s masterclass is a live, interactive experience designed to help you discover your character’s true self plus unlock the secret to telling your best story through them. If you can’t make the live masterclass don’t worry — a recording is included! Get exclusive access to this game-changing masterclass included FREE inside Writer’s Craft 3.0.
#3 Must-Have: Master Self-Editor ($97 Value)
Take your story from good to agent ready with the skills to edit like a pro (and save a fortune on editorial fees while you are at it!). Plus discover how to create page-turning stakes, tighten your plot, strengthen subplots, and deepen your character’s goals and motivations.

Save more than $6,000+ on 60+ first-class writing products hand-vetted for writers by writers. Get it for only $49. Today.

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Don’t miss this deal. This time next year your name could be in lights!
Until next time, stay safe. God Bless!

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