3 things I’m thankful for (#1 might surprise you!)

As we tuck into our annual festivities of family gatherings, turkey dinner, cranberry sauce, and delicious stuffing, I’d like to share the 3 things I am thankful for this year…

#1. 💛 – You! Yes, you! I’m grateful you joined me to share the ups and downs of the writing life. Your virtual presence makes the long hours at the keyboard worthwhile.
#2. 👀 – The Internet! Nothing else offers writers so many connections and opportunities or gives us the power to get our books out to readers minus the gatekeepers! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Though it’s been spotty for me the last few days I’m grateful lol. 
#3. 🙌 – Great Deals! Because who doesn’t love an epic deal to get the best resources to become a better writer?
Speaking of deals…
My top-recommended deal of Black Friday 2021 has got to be this:

Writer’s Craft 3.0, a bumper writer’s bundle bursting with premium writing resources, is available THIS WEEK ONLY at a 99% discount.

Valued at more than $6,100+ this Black Friday deal (available only until Tuesday, November 30th) gets you 60+ writing products (writing and plotting software, online organizers, ebooks, ecourses, masterclasses, workbooks, planners, character guides, genre-specific writing techniques for romance, mystery, and fantasy and so much more) for just $49.That’s only $0.80 cents for each product – less than half the price of a chocolate bar! 🎇

Writer’s Craft 3.0 is a hand-curated collection from Infostack, made for writers by writers, with first-class content from the people at Well-Storied, Writing Academy, The Author Life, Campfire Technology, Plottr, notebook.ai, The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed podcast, Kobo Writing Life, BiblioKid Publishing, AuthorQuest, Between the Lines Editorial, The Novel Smithy, the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and many others!
Inside, you’ll get your hands on:
The Bestselling Blurb Formula by Rebecca Hamilton
Book Series for Authors by Ray Brehm
Plottr (plotting software) by Ryan Zee
Write & Publish a Book on the Side by Hassan Osman
How To Write Awesome Dialogue! For Fiction, Film, and Theatre with Bonus Material! by Tom Leveen
Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction by J. Thorn
A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook by Richie Billing
The Pre-Write Project by Kristen Kieffer
The 6 Foundational Elements of Romance Fiction by Jessica Snyder

And so much more! 

Save over 99% on 60+ premium writing tools and resources right now. I honestly love Infostack! They have an amazing, friendly team (shout out to Nicole, Cary, Jeannine, Yenz, Allie, and everyone else over there crushing it!) and they’re the number #1 site for first-class bundled deals packed with the very best quality resources, highest value, and after-sales support. I absolutely love their Super Stacks and I’m sure you’ll love their newest stack, Writer’s Craft 3.0. Plus, their deals always come with an industry-leading, 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee that can’t be beaten. 

Click here to claim this deal before it expires forever.
Until next time, stay safe. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. God Bless!
P.S. The team over at Infostack who created Writer’s Craft 3.0 are total rockstars who take compiling and offering first-rate bundles seriously. I know firsthand they don’t take any shortcuts, and work round the clock to think of everything so you get a premium bundle of tools and resources packed with incredible value. I have seen them consistently over-deliver with their bundles, plus they make sure to include a worry-free 60 day refund period, so you have a ton of time to go through everything and see for yourself how great a deal this is…with zero risk! My opinion? Writer’s Craft 3.0 is one of the best bundles they’ve ever put together. Don’t miss out:

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