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Yesterday, I told you about the #1 Black Friday deal for writers: Writer’s Craft 3.0.

Writer’s Craft 3.0 is an epic collection of tools, training, and resources that will help you hone your craft and take your writing to the next level. Just getting started and want to avoid costly mistakes, like paying for an editor you don’t need? (or even costlier mistakes, like novel-wrecking plot holes, saggy middles, or endings that don’t satisfy?) You’ll find a proven blueprint to turn your ideas into a page-turning narrative here.

Been writing for a while, but lost the fire and passion you once had?
You’ll find plenty of ways to re-ignite your love of creative writing (and make it more profitable than ever) inside here.

Are you a writing veteran who wants to level up your editing skills and save hundreds of dollars on editing fees? You’ll find the tools you need to edit your work like a pro (and save a ton in the process) right here.

Or maybe you’re just looking to learn the secrets of a New York Times bestselling author so you can start getting the sales rolling in, fast.
Speaking of which…
The bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton, featured on CBS, NBC, and FOX shares how to write blurbs that helped authors reach six-figure sales (without changing anything else!) inside Writer’s Craft 3.0.

You’ll find her ecourse + 60 other premium tools and resources inside Writer’s Craft 3.0.Remember: this deal expires on Tuesday, November 30th at 11:59pm EST. After that, this deal vanishes. Don’t miss out.

Click here to pick up your copy of Writer’s Craft 3.0 before this deal expires.
Until next time, stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless!
P.S. One of the reasons I feel so comfortable promoting and sharing Writer’s Craft 3.0 (read: shouting from the rooftops to all who will listen!) isn’t just because of the lineup of products and contributors (they’re amazing), or because it’s the best ‘bang for your buck’ you can spend this Black Friday (it is)… it’s also because the guys over at Infostack have the best ‘satisfaction’ policy I’ve ever seen (and they stand by it).They are so confident you will love Writer’s Craft 3.0 that they include a FULL 60 days to check out all the products included at zero risk. This means you have until early next year to decide for yourself if this is the greatest deal for writers in 2021. If you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back. Period. 

There’s nothing better than a deal like this: 99% off, 60+ premium writing products, my personal endorsement of Infostack plus NO RISK to your wallet.
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