Let’s Meet at the Bridge

Tune in to my most recent podcast episode “Let’s Meet at the Bridge” on Writer in the Making. I’ve been at a loss for words, especially during this tense time in our country and around the world. People have asked, “How do you feel?” Well… if you wish to hear my thoughts, tune in here https://anchor.fm/daria-white

Here’s a snippet of the episode!

“One of my favorite lines from the movie Black Panther, is when Chadwick’s character is in a battle for the first time for the throne. One person challenges him, and for a while, it looks as if he’s getting beaten. Then Angela Bassett, his mother, yells from the sidelines, ‘Tell him who you are!’ He regains his strength, wins the fight, and is made king.”

Tune in to hear the entire message. I invite you to meet me at the bridge. 🙂

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