Hallmark Review: An Unforgettable Christmas by Ginny Baird

An Unforgettable Christmas by Ginny Baird is about Angie Lopez, working as a single mom to not only to support her son, Pepe but her mother and grandmother who also lives with her. Sam Singleton, Angie’s boss at his jewelry store is all business, but when he suffers a head injury, memory loss has him entrusted in Angie’s care. Sam’s not close with his father and no close friends are around to help, so Angie is the person he has to trust. To her surprise, Sam is more than the businessman she works for in his store. He bounds with her family and Angie sees him in a different light. While she and Sam grow closer, what will happen when he remembers? Will she want him to?

This story is sweet beyond words. This is a tear-jerker so prepare yourself for this heart touching story. I’ve read Ginny Baird’s work before and she’s impressed me again. Not only is there a love story involved, but it emphasizes family and shows the love between the four generations living under one roof. This is a great read as we approach the holidays!

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